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VideoGirls.BiZ is much more affordable than other alternate solutions, and it offers a lot more.

Here are the options (investment plans) for this software including (I) license and hosting combos, (II) lifetime license purchase, (III) rented license, (IV) extra information & services, (V) unlimited license with full source and resell rights. Browse the options below and choose the best option for your needs.

Note: This product refers to website software (like php scripts, flash applications) for web developers or site owners and does not include adult content like pictures or videos.

Contact for order links for any of the items below, if not listed:


Subscriptition discount combos for License + Premium Hosting + Installation. Recomennded for easy startup: you just need to register your own domain and we provide the rest .

All plans below include:

  • Software License Rental (worth $90/month)
  • Installation, Upgrades, Installation of upgrades (maximum 1 time per month, worth $25/installation) Save extra $25/install!
  • Production level premium hosting with high performance, bandwidth and space
  • RTMP streaming on Red5 / Wowza (no connections limit)
  • 1 Dedicated IP (avoid banning, filtering and seo penalties caused by using the same shared IP with hundreds of other sites)
  • Storage: 12+ Gb, Monthly bandwidth: 500+ Gb

Video Girls BiZ 1 Domain License Rental and Stream StartupHosting (Monthly)
165USD/month Save $25/mo!

  • Production level Stream Startup (worth $100/mo) with optimized archiving, recording and rtmp stats and running on more stable and reliable commercial Wowza media server software, in licensed full mode. Only for use with VideoWhisper Video Messenger video chat.

Order Monthly Subscription from Avangate in USD

Video Girls BiZ 1 Domain License Rental and Premium3 Hosting (Monthly)
150USD/month Save $15/mo!

  • Production level Premium3B (worth $75/mo), running on free open source Red5 media server. Not recommended for recording or archiving.

Order Monthly Subscription from Avangate in USD

Note: Due to multiple human based tasks required for this plan, full setup may take around 5 days since domain name beeing provided. If you don't have a domain, you can register a domain here.


VideoGirls BiZ - 1 Domain License Purchase

500EUR (~650USD)
Buy Software from Avangate in Euro

When to purchase?
When you have the budget from start and want to maximize the overall value/investment ratio.


VideoGirls BiZ - 1 License Rental
Order Monthly Subscription from Avangate in USD

When to rent?
+ When you want to evaluate the business over a period of months.
+ When you have a low budget and also want to keep some funds for advertising, customizations, hosting until it starts returning.
+ When you want to fund this from the monthly revenue of your primary job.


IV. Extra Information and Services

1 Domain License Extra Information

A registered domain name is required for license generation and package delivery. To speed up delivery (and setup), after order approval, submit a ticket with your order number and domain name you plan to use.

Extra Options and Services
- Professional Installation - $25
- VideoFlashChat Link removal from flash chat - 75$
- Additional Match Agency, Ateom modules can be integrated for custom fees, see Software for Dating
- Hosting options matching the requirements

For additional options or purchase links for that plans without, contact us.

License Limitations
The website software can be used to host unlimited performers and members. The software license is for 1 domain only. The software can be modified for personal use but can't be sold without the licensed domain.

The software is delivered by email with installation instructions. Professional installation can be provided for an additional $25 fee by Datetopia support team. Make sure all requirements are met before installing the software.

Part of the php scripts are delivered with source code, including settings files, template scripts. Flash server scripts (.asc) are delivered with source code. Server side running files for Red5 (.class) are included. Flash (.fla) source code is not included but the chat uses external image template files.

Processing Discounts
If you send us payments in a way that saves us credit card processing fees and commissions, we'll provide important discounts. Check the payment options.

Upgrades: The purchase includes a FREE bonus upgrade after 6 months. This upgrade must be requested by the customer and it is compulsory. The rental plans include package upgrades (1 upgrade per billing period).

Premium Hosting Plans (Web + RTMP)

Premium video streaming hosting plans include:
+ Unlimited RTMP hosting on Red5. That means streaming can use as much bandwidth as available per plan and there are no limitations for the number of simultaneous connections (other that server load).
+ 1 Dedicated IP
+ CPanel

See Videochat Script Hosting for details.

Notes: If you don't have a domain, you can register domains at discount prices from here.


Buy Software from Avangate in Euro

This includes full source code (all php, flash .fla - for Video Flash Chat) that can be deployed and used on unlimited number of sites. This also includes permission to use software and code without any limitations (including changing, rebranding, creating new derivative works, reselling) as long as that does not restrict our usage and distribution.
As full source is included, this can only be ordered by bank wire transfer - for other payment types we can provide a regular license and deliver source code after 3 months since purchase. This does not apply to buyers that have been customers of this or partner sites for 6 months or more. Contact us for if you need more details.

Delivery includes zip archives with:
+ full php source version that can be edited and installed on any domain
+ encoded unlimited domain version (that we recommend to install and distribute to prevent piracy and code sniffing if site files ever become accesible to an unauthorised party or hacker; for edits we recommend using this package with source versions only for edited files)
+ flash source code to edit and generate custom swf versions for Video Flash Chat
+ Bonus*: 4 x VideoWhisper level 3 licenses for using Video Messenger in full mode
*Limited Time Offer: Can be discontinued at any time and is not valid for previously purchased unlimited rights orders.
Domains to be licensed can be provided any time later, as needed. Additional licenses can be purchased from VideoWhisper at important volume discounts.

I have read and accept the End User License Agreement.

Anti-Fraud Notes
All access to the payment and demo pages is tracked and logged for further investigations.
There is an automated encrypted system (does not use or require Zend) that doesn’t allow this software to be used on other domains than the one licensed and also a one way (md5) code system for disabling licenses purchased with fraudulent payments. Please do not purchase this package using fraudulent methods or try to copy it if you get access to a website running it because that is both ilegal and uselless.
There are no product resellers providing this package: We build and send ALL packages (including the ones purchased from affiliate resellers) . If anyone else tries to sell you a package delivered by himself, please contact us for confirmation to avoid purchasing a fraudulently obtained package. Any partners, affiliates that sell our products or derivated packages need valid licenses issued for each domain.
Please take time and evaluate the script using our available demo or trial version. Before you buy the script, read its requirements, and be sure that your server meets them. Refunds will not be given for reasons surrounding the users lack of knowledge of the script`s functionality, limitations, or restrictions, as we provided every opportunity to evaluate the script prior to purchase. Any attempt to obtain, use the scripts without a valid payment and according to the license will be considered fraud attempt and reported to the proper authorities.

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Video Girls BiZ - Videochat Business Software
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